Accent Softening

Many people we talk to say how much they would like to improve the way they communicate. They feel people don't fully understand them and often ask them to repeat what they have said.  Maybe they feel they lack impact and authority or maybe perceive their accent is holding them back, possibly where English is not their first language.


Our coaching will help you to neutralise or modify your accent and where appropriate teach you to use Standard English Pronunciation with clarity and ease. You will learn how to use the mouth and to be aware of the placing of the sound and where it is resonated, about intonation and stress and other exercises to develop you vocal potential.


Where English is not your first language, we will teach you to understand the tune, specific vocabulary, cultural feel, history and evolution of Standard English; something that is often missed in language schools as well as practicing sight reading and conversation.  We will also talk about the pitfalls of intercultural communication.


We will help you to be a clear and confident communicator in business, academic, or social situations.


We offer bespoke one to one coaching from our Battersea studio or your business premises. We will provide the relevant learning materials for your specific needs, and will encourage you to record your coaching session.  Practice and repetition are vital to develop your vocal potential and embed your new pronunciation into the muscle memory.




To discuss your coaching needs further, please contact Kate Terris on 07973 871479. You can also email her at