Interview and Pitching Skills

If you are going to have an interview or make a pitch wouldn't it be a good idea to invest some time to improve your chance of winning that all important contract or job and make the best impression?


Voiceatwork can help you prepare for your interview or pitch, and show you how to hone your message so you come across powerfully and credibly.


We will make you aware of the pitfalls of interviews and pitches. We will give you advice on research, structure and objectives, and make you understand the importance of active listening. We will talk about performance skills and your vocal delivery.  This will help you understand the importance of pause, pitch and pace and learn how to use your body to support your message and how to hold your audience.


We will role play and rehearse the event, prepare you for difficult questions, whether it is an interview, a competency board or special pitch.  We will offer strategies to keep calm and visualise success, so that when you enter that room you make a good impression, have a good conversation and have the confidence to be yourself.


We offer bespoke one to one coaching from our Battersea studio or your business premises.





To discuss your coaching needs further, please contact Kate Terris on 07973 871479. You can also email her at