Voice Coaching for Women

In today's society a woman needs all her skills operating at full power - and that most definitely includes her voice. We passionately believe that every woman can find their true resonant voice to achieve a clearer vocal delivery and overall stronger presence.


Many women, however, feel that their voices let them down and fail them on their career path. They believe that they just don't sound powerful enough especially when competing for attention in a male environment. They feel they are not heard. They feel their pitch is too high or shrill, therefore lacking authority.  Many don't even like the sound of their own voices and so undermine themselves in how they communicate.


Women with their expert eyes for attention to detail can spend vast amounts of money on their grooming and looks but overlook the most important asset - their voice. A confident voice can be an impressive tool for achieving success. Women's voices are affected by their hormones and alter with age. The younger woman has a naturally lighter tone to her older mother. However, does either age group know how to maximise these vocal differences? This is where vocal coaching can make that major difference.




  • Our workshops will give you the vocal awareness you need to make   the most of your voice.
  • We will help you banish gender based and cultural vocal stereotyping.
  • We will teach you how to break vocal habits through improved posture, breathing, resonance and articulation.
  • We will teach you performance skills to enhance your delivery.
  • We will talk about the importance of being present, empathetic and engaged.
  • We will help you banish nerves introduce calm, credibility and clarity.
  • We will help you to take your space, be heard, and most important be listened to.
  • We will talk about gravitas and powerful women communicators.
  • We will help you gain visibility, build personal power and effectiveness.



To discuss your coaching needs further, please contact Kate Terris on 07973 871479. You can also email her at kateterris@voiceatwork.co.uk