Presentation Skills

Our objective is to help you make a first class presentation, by improving your confidence.   We will help deal with your nerves and delivery style, by offering vocal and performance skills, show you tips and techniques on how to structure that all important content, the story with its key messages, so it is memorable and engaging.


We use a range of proven strategies from performance and vocal exercises to NLP, visualisation and mindfulness. We will emphasise the importance of preparation and rehearsal for any form of presentation.


A successful presentation is a balance between its content, your voice, performance and image. Our coaching will give you confidence to be yourself as a communicator by providing you with new strategies to express yourself clearly and powerfully, and tools to overcome stress and fears.


Our job is to help you unlock that presentation potential to deliver the best of yourself to succeed, whether it is a small meeting, teleconferencing or presenting to a large audience.


We will help you take the fear out of presentations, engage, connect and manage audiences, handle difficult people, persuade, convince, motivate and above all enjoy.


Presentation coaching can be delivered one to one or in groups.



To discuss your coaching needs further, please contact Kate Terris on 07973 871479. You can also email her at